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Apr. 22nd, 2010


Intro Post

Hi everyone, and welcome to Anonymous Idol. 

Ever wanted to be on American Idol?  Ever auditioned for American Idol, and been rejected?  If so, you know how badly it sucks, especially if Simon ripped your attempt (and your ego) apart. 

The purpose of this community is to provide a place where people can post files of themselves singing covers of popular songs.  Unlike other video sites where people are expected to identify themselves and provide some kind of entertainment for random strangers to listen and watch, this community is specifically for shy singers who otherwise would have no forum to be heard.  Think of it like American Idol, but with no Simon.  There is no one here to throw you out or judge you or tell you not to give up your day job.  It's just a place to have fun. 

If I get enough members, I may run an Anonymous Idol contest that will follow a similar format, i.e. Abba Week, Country Week etc.  But unlike the Idol franchise, I am not super wealthy and I don't have a recording contract to award to the winner.  However, if this becomes popular, we may get scouts stopping by, and you never know, you might just get discovered!!  Until that day, let's just have fun singing all our favorite songs.  And don't worry ... Simon's not here!  ;)


Just like the American Idol auditions, a capella only (that means no musical accompaniment - not even a backing track. )

You can perform on camera if you wish, but once again ... just you and your voice. 

Any genre of song is welcome. 

Comments are fine, but please keep criticism positive and constructive. 

Finally ... have fun!! 


Superstar (Karen Carpenter)

Here's my first entry.  I adore Karen Carpenter - nobody has ever had a voice like hers, before or since.  I do sing in her key though, and I've been singing along to her songs since I was a little girl.  I've tried to do justice to this song that I love.

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